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How Much Are Tattoos in Bali?

Many people were asking how much are tattoos in Bali? The price range for tattoo in Bali are vary depends on the sizes and details of the design. Normally our minimum charge is start from IDR 1.000.000,-. Some places might charge less than that with less experience artist and maybe different quality of inks or needles.

Does It Hurt?

Of course it’s hurt, we are not gonna lie to you. Some people said it’s like cat scratching or bad sunburn. Although every person pain tolerance are different, but all of them said it’s bearable.

Where is good placement to get a tattoo?

About 80% of people that is getting their first tattoo are start from their arm first then goes to other parts of their body. In general law, we are highly recommend to get full sleeve before you get a glove (hand tattoos) or neck tattoos, because it will looks bad if you get it without sleeve.

What is the trendy tattoo nowadays?

Tattoo it last forever, it is not something that you want to do it because it’s trendy at the moment. We believe that every individual are unique and so are their taste of art. Trend is always changing for time to time, just make sure you will love your tattoo forever. However there are some everlasting design such as Balinese Design, Ornamental Tattoos, Japanese Oriental, Tribal Design, Old School Traditional, Mandalas, Memorial Tattoo and Lettering Tattoo.

How long does it takes for a tattoo?

It’s depends on the design and how big it is. For a small tattoo usually take about 10 minutes. For bigger tattoo such as sleeve or back piece can takes around 3 to 4 full day per session. Most Tattoo Artists in Bali usually work faster than other places, but some of them are rushing their work as well and ended up with rough shading and less detail tattoos. So you have to choose your artist wisely, look at their work and portfolio, make sure it’s their original works.

What do I need to know about hygiene and strelization?

At Maharadjah Tattoo Bali, you don’t need to worry about the hygiene. All of our needles and needle tips are one time use only every customer for every session, sterilized with advanced sterilization equipment using Ethylene Oxide gas and dispose right after every session along with other disposable stuff.

Can I use painkiller during my tattoo session?

Some painkillers like aspirin are blood thinners. This can cause you to bleed more while getting a tattoo, which means the colours might be as vibrant. We suggest to not to use any kind of drugs even the painkiller before or during the time you get a tattoo, getting a tattoo might hurt but most of people can handle the pain. We are not gonna force you to continue the tattoo if it hurts so much just take a break and we can continue.

Is it possible to covered an old tattoo?

Most of old tattoos are able to cover, but noticed that you also have a limited design to choose from. Best to do is pick your theme and consult with the artist before doing the tattoo, so they have more images on how it’s going to be. To cover an old tattoo is very tricky and only experienced artists can do it, as if they choose the wrong design or not doing the correct way, then it might become like two layers tattoo and you’ll ended up with worst tattoo than before.

Is it possible to retouch an old tattoo?

Touch up an old tattoo is slightly easier than cover up but harder than making a new tattoo. The artists must have the skill for freehand drawing on skin to match up the old tattoo style. At Maharadjah Tattoo Bali we can make your old tattoo like new without changing the design (as per request).

Can The Artist make a design only for me?

All of our artists are able to draw freehand, customizing the tattoo design to make it special for our customer. You can give any references design to us and we will make it!

Can I give a blood donor if I get a tattoo?

You can give blood – but there are rules about how long after you’ve had a tattoo that you can give blood. That you can’t give blood in the first four months after getting a tattoo done. However after that, you’re free to donate as you please.

How do i take care a new tattoo?

Aftercare a new tattoo for some artists sometimes are different. We would recommend our customer to take the cover off in around an hour and wash it with clean water and let it dry. Do not put a cover again on the tattoo and let them breathe and gets dry naturally. But be careful for the first 2 nights as the blood mix with the inks might stain on your bed sheets. So better to put a towel underneath fresh tattoo before you go to bed. We encourage not to put any ointment, vazeline, or anything on the tattoo for the next 2 (two) days. On the third day when it started to dry, you can put a very thin layer of tattoo butter or normal vazeline to moisturize the tattoo so it’s not too dry and fasten up the healing process. Avoid to scratch the tattoo when it’s itchy or pick the scab if it’s scabby. If your tattoo feels itchy that is normal, you can reduce the urge to scratch by compress your tattoo with a bag of ice.

How do I find your shop?

Our shop is very easy to find in a prime location next to Sunset Road the main road that connect Nusa Dua – Jimbaran – Kuta – Seminyak – Kerobokan- Canggu. Located at Kunti Plaza next to Bali Deli, simply ask any taxy driver and they will happy to take you here. For a full address click here

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